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Hi, my name is Heidi Kitchen.  I am a professional travel advisor based out of Grand Junction, Colorado USA.  Wherever you are from, I want to help you get as many tacks on your atlas as possible!  I purposely eschew volume so that I can take my time with each client to prepare the most comprehensive, imaginative, and worry free vacations ever. Tell me where you want to go and when, I will gather information and send you a quote! 


The four D's:  

Discover- I take the time to learn about your interests, priorities, preferences.  Begin by requesting a quote and/or taking the tacked-atlas-discovery-survey here.  If you prefer, we can talk over the phone or via Zoom.  We can even meet for coffee if you live within 50 miles of Grand Junction, CO.  Whether you are just dreaming, or if you are dead serious, the discovery survey is a great way for me to narrow things down for you.  

Design - Once I have your "go-for-it", sit back and relax.  I will begin assembling a custom travel proposal and quote for you piece by piece. The completed proposal will include the complete itinerary and total trip cost.  It will include the extras only a travel expert can provide.  If you want me to book a trip for you, great!  If not, that's okay too, the itinerary is for you to keep to use as inspiration when you book your own trip.  

Devotion - It's time to sit back and relax some more.  GOT YOU.  I will arrange flights, book hotels, ground transportation, tours, and reserve your dining.  Everything will be organized for you to view on your personal, trip website.


Leave the Door-to-Door Details to me.  

My devotion to your perfect trip starts from the time you walk out your front door until the time you walk back through your front door when you return home from your trip. I handle all the minor, but important details, such as: cellular data, COVID-19 testing, and airport parking. I'm here for you to offer 24/7 support for you while you travel.  I will even create a photo album of your trip for you to keep and share!   

Discussion - When you get back, I want to talk to you!  How did everything go?  What did you love? What could've been better?  Where do you want to go next?


Heidi Kitchen

Travel Advisor and Founder of Tacked Atlas 


Camden Lobato

Administrative Assistant